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Garden & Lawn Management

Our pest consultancy has not only has left a strong impression for interior pest control, our garden and lawn management is a best example of it which has gained wide popularity in India to control the culprits that destroy the gardens and lawn. Our pest control consultancy located in Ahmedabad renders the absolute solution linked with pest control at the best affordable rate.

Lawn Management Pest Control

How to identify pests in garden and lawn?

If you boast a garden at your home, then you must have seen plants have been decimated by the pests, which cause tiny transparent circles, chewed leaves, big and small sized holes in the leaves/flowers and other unusual symptoms which indicate any threat on the plants. The threat of several pests such as bugs, caterpillar, cutworm, grasshopper, leaf miners, lilac borers and many more insects are there which have made your garden a habitation that you can indentify by the deterioration caused by them, but finding such an insect is actually daunting task. It is an important to prevent pests from decimates plants which can be achieved by consulting pest control consultancy. Additionally, there are several weed plants which are also being culprit for valuable plants.

  • Having small tiny transparent circles
  • Having plant with branch  only
  • small or big holes on flower of leaf
  • chewed leaves

Why Rex for Garden and Lawn Management?          

  • Provides same day service, the day you call
  • Expert team who is excellent in identification of pests
  • We create a plan that match to your need and budget
  • Employ state of the art technology
  • Use environment and human friendly chemicals approved by Govt.
  • 100% guarantee to make your home or office pests free

How Garden and Lawn Management works?

We employ an organic pest control techniques to prevent them from decimate garden and lawn, which includes Floating Row Covers, Pheromone Traps, Sticky Traps, Insecticidal Soap, Oil Sprays, Bacillus, Parasitic Nematodes, the selection of pest control techniques based upon the type of pest infested in your garden.  For example, Row Covers are used for cabbage moths, beetles, aphids, bean beetles; Pheromone used for diamondback moths, Sticky Traps are used for plant bugs, etc. All the techniques are effective and ensure an absolute elimination from pests.
Our Garden and Lawn Management process is made of three major steps which are:

  • Inspection
  • installation
  • Sanitation

What plans are available for garden and lawn management?

We work accordingly the time schedule which is convenient for all locals so as no one get disturbed as well as to comply with the need of the esteemed customer, we create a customized Garden and Lawn Management plans. Meanwhile to comply with the budget of we offer varied Garden and Lawn Management plans such as:

one time pest control service

Regular pest control service

monthly pest control service

quarterly pest control service

bimonthly pest control service

Annual pest control service

Note: The time taken for a Garden and Lawn Management service is solely based upon the level of infestation in your home.

What are the Benefits of Garden and lawn management?

  • Prevents your plants from decimate by pests
  • Prevents your fruits and flowers from pests
  • Ensures pest free garden and lawn
  • Eliminates the pest habitations
  • Ensures healthy growth of your plants
  • No more chewed leaves and flowers
  • No any harmful odor or toxic chemicals for pest controll
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