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General Pest Control

General pest control is the service rendered by us, bestow inclusive service to get rid of the pests like termites, cockroaches, rodent, wood borer, weed, etc. The wide acknowledgment of our general pest control service is the proof of our success as the pest control consultancy, located at Ahmedabad engrossed in providing absolute solution associated with pest control in the timely manner. 

General Pest Control in Gujarat

How to identify General Pest?

Pests are organisms on the earth that decimates homes, buildings, business infrastructure, school, public infrastructure, plants, gardens and every resident where they found food for them. The reason for eliminating the pest from all the mentioned areas is they have a harmful effect on the home, furniture, food, surface, human and pets as well. They transmit several dangerous diseases that strongly impact the human health and that is why it is must to eradicate them from home and other areas to save your home and family. A pest can be any organism such as plants, insect, tick, mite, rodent, bird, mammal, bacteria, virus, and fungus, etc.

  • Small round holes into your wooden furniture
  • if found cardboard or food packets are being chewed
  • Any creature that move very fast in home
  • presence of mud like that lines irregular pattern tubes
  • if you feel allergic from any context in home

Why Rex for General Pest Control?

  • Provides same day service, the day you call
  • Expert team who is excellent in identification of pests
  • We create a plan that match to your need and budget
  • Employ state of the art technology
  • Use environment and human friendly chemicals approved by Govt.
  • 100% guarantee to make your home or office pests free

How General Pest Control works?

General pest control encompasses every technique and process which is required to eradicate pest from home that is based upon the type of pests. At the very first level of pest control, our team comes to your home and start to monitor every single area of your home, in the search of any symptoms like small holes in furniture, residue of the pests, dust on the floor, chewed wires as well as use thermal detection techniques to ensure the pest habitat in bricks or furniture without causing any damage. Once they perfectly identify the pests and level of infestation, start to work by employing chemicals and techniques which are human, pests and environment friendly.
Our General pest control process is made of three major steps which are:

  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Sanitation

What plans are available?
We work accordingly your family time schedule so as your family does not get disturbed as well as to comply with the need of the esteemed customer, we create a customized general pest control plans, meanwhile to comply with the budget of we offer varied general pest control plans such as:

one time pest control service

Regular pest control service

monthly pest control service

quarterly pest control service

bimonthly pest control service

Annual pest control service

Note: The time taken for a general pest control service is solely based upon the level of infestation in your home.

What are the Benefits of General Pest Control?

  • permanent relief from pests
  • rid of powdered wood, dust, residue, chewed wire
  • prevent the damage of expensive furniture
  • you will get 100% sanitized home
  • Sanitized home results no diseases in your family


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