Bird Control

Bird Control Service in Ahmedabad

We have earned name as a leading residential Pest Control Consultancy Situated in Ahmedabad caters solution associated with the pests by employing an effective and fact pest control technique in accordance to the seriousness of the infestation.

Why birds are harmful?

We love to watch birds soaring in the sky only; but we do not like it in the balcony, terrace or any other area of the home because of their droppings which are grimy and hideous, spoil the area as well as the exterior of the home. Apart from spoilage of home exterior, droppings lead to several diverse effects on the human health which is not known by everyone.

But, it is a fact, that droppings cause several respiratory associated diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Salmonellosis. Along with droppings, feather are also an enemy of human as it has a devastating effect on heating and cooling components as well as on indoor air quality. There is no need to explain about bird, what is needed is to control the birds effectively.


Why Rex for Bird Control?

  • Provides same day service, the day you call
  • Expert team who is excellent in identification correct area
  • We create a plan that match to your need and budget
  • Employ state of the art technology
  • Use environment and human friendly chemicals approved by Govt.
  • 100% guarantee to make your home bird free

How Bird Control works?

To prevent the birds, we employ bird barrier spikes method which is available in different material and design to meet the infestation level of varied birds and budget of the esteemed customer. The spikes that we utilize are made of steel or plastic material prevents birds from landing on the terrace or roof which apparently stops the perching or roosting of the birds. Our bird barrier spikes method is 100% effective which do not require any power supply, do not cause noise pollution and do not harm birds, it just makes surface uncomfortable for perching. Our bird spike barrier is goes well with edges, ledges, windows sills, roof tops, parapets, beams, light towers, etc.
Our Residential Bird Control process is made of three major steps which are:

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Sanitation

What plans are available for our Bird Control service?

We work accordingly your family time schedule so as your family does not get disturbed as well as to comply with the need of the esteemed customer, we create a customized residential bird control plans, meanwhile to comply with the budget of we offer varied residential bird control plans such as:

one time pest control service Regular pest control service monthly pest control service
quarterly pest control service bimonthly pest control service Annual pest control service

Note: The time taken to a residential bird control service is solely based upon the level of infestation in your home.

What are the Benefits of Bird Control?

To get an effective result of the bird spikes barrier, right installation plays a significant role which can be achieved by consulting experts. Our pest control team of Bird Control has an elongate experience in the bird control and has a profound knowledge of right direction and right area selection to get the 100% result of bird control. Additionally, they are trained by prudent exterminators to achieve the task effectively and in a timely manner.

  • 100% prevention of birds
  • prevents droppings where it is installed
  • prevents diseases caused by droppings
  • prevents nesting and perching of birds
  • keeps the open space sanitized
  • Sanitized home results no diseases in your family

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