Rodent Control

Rodent Control Service in Ahmedabad

We have earned a name as an eminent residential Pest control consultancy situated in Ahmedabad provides solution associated with the pests by employing an effective and pest control technique in accordance with the seriousness of the infestation.

What is Rodent and why it is harmful?
Rats and mice belong to the Rodent family, which are very known species among humans and also aggravated by rodents. Are you one of them who are unsuccessful in catching such a rodent and tired of experimenting traditional techniques to catch the rodent!! Don’t be tired, you must completely abolish rodent as they are much dangerous then your expectation.

Residential Rodent Control Service in Ahmedabad

The infestations of the home and surroundings caused by the rodents can create serious problems, such as rodent carries disease and illnesses which are transmitted to humans by bites and droppings. Its urine contains allergens that can cause allergies such as sneezing and if the person is suffering from asthma, there is a probability that exposure to rats and its residual can increase the frequency of asthma attacks. Apart from the human health, rodents chew wires, eat the food and contaminate it, tear clothes and whatnot.  It is not an easy deal to get rodents into the cage, as they are capable of squeezing through very narrow space or crack the space. So if you are conscious about your family and want to prevent Rat-bite Fever, Salmonellosis, Plague, Colorado Tick Fever caused by rodents call today to the residential pest control consultancy.

  • You may heard the running voice of rodent in night
  • If found cardboard or food packets are being chewed
  • If found wire are being chewed
  • Found dropping on the surface of any premises

How Rodent Control Works?

We are using effective and economic Trubble Gum technique is glue based rodent trap, Roban repellent a wax block and Trap Box technology to control the rodents, all treatments are easy to use, non toxic and eco friendly used to prevent rodents from contaminating the home. But along with that to permanently keep rodents outside the home or business, we find out the possible entry points which are not finding out by you and seal it with the metal which is thicker than ¼” so as they could not crack it for penetration and once the entry point are sealed we use trubble gum, roban and trap box technology to caught the rat and mice and eradicate them permanently from home. 

The core advantage of the residential rodent control is, you can permanently get rid of the rodents in very shorter time.

Our residential rodent control process is made of three major steps which are:

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Sanitation

What plans are available for our Rodent  Control service?

We work accordingly your family time schedule so as your family does not get disturbed as well as to comply with the need of the esteemed customer, we create a customized residential rodent control plans, meanwhile to comply with the budget of we offer varied residential rodent control plans such as:

one time pest control service Regular pest control service monthly pest control service
quarterly pest control service bimonthly pest control service Annual pest control service

What are the Benefits of Rodent control?

You can eradicate rodent yourself, but we permanently eradicate rodent by employing our 32 years of wide experience along with the advanced technology for rat and mice. Another reason of our expertise is our whole team of technicians is trained by the expert exterminators to discover possible entry areas of rodents as well as how to seal them effectively so as the rodent could not come again. By availing our residential rodent control services you will get:

  • permanent relief from rat and mice
  • Rid of allergy if you are facing due to cockroaches
  • prevent dropping and urines that contaminate food and surface
  • no more chewed wire and food packets
  • you will get 100% sanitized home
  • Sanitized home results no diseases in your family

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